Why Did We Create NoteDex?

"I struggled with apps like OneNote and Evernote since I just couldn't see or find my notes when I looked for them. I took lots of long notes and all my information just got buried in (very nice) handwritten notes but were impossible to see or find later.  I realized I needed the ability to to take short-form handwritten and typed notes, see them quickly and organize them into projects so I could easily find them later . Existing card type apps were too basic and geared towards studying. I needed something that combined the best of both worlds - so I built NoteDex!"   Prem Sundaram, Creator of NoteDex

Android App

NoteDex works with all Android phones and tablets. Take notes, create cards and study on-the-go.  Notes sync automatically. Ideal for Stylus enabled tablets! Download Now!

Share to Web

Select a stack on your Android device and share it on the web. Send a link to your colleagues who can then view - and even edit - using any browser. Super simple collaboration for meeting notes, study flashcards and more!

Full Web Editor
NEW! NoteDex now works on any device using just your web browser.  Data will automatically sync between all your devices.  Learn More

NoteDex: Beyond Index Cards