NEW! Create Cards on any Device - Mac or PC
Yea, we get it! Not everyone has an Android device ;-)

NoteDex Web is a full featured note taking web app, allowing you to create cards with richly formatted text, images and even digital ink (coming soon!).   You can organize cards by folder groups and with category tags, use Study Mode, and share stacks on the web - just like on the Android app. NoteDex Web is now available for users on Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome with our Universal Plan.

The Universal Plan gives you full access to all apps on all platforms, including all Power-User upgrades so you don't need to buy those separately.  

Use our Card-to-Cloud technology to share your card stacks on the web with friends and colleagues.  Your published stacks are viewable using any web-browser - no app needed!  FREE.

Optional In-App Power-User purchase allows you let colleagues edit, and allows you to add password protection and set web publish expiration dates.   

View video - 'Sharing a NoteDex Stack or Card'

See example below of our Tutorial stack - shared on the web from the Android app: