NoteDex has now replaced Index Cards - please use NoteDex!
Based on all the user feedback we received from our Index Cards for Windows users we created NoteDex.

If you are seeing this page you are either a new or existing user of the Index Cards app for Windows.  We highly recommend you switch over completely as soon as possible.

If you have not yet bought the Index Cards app on Windows, please don't! No, really.  Instead go to the home page of NoteDex to learn about the more expanded capabilities that NoteDex offers, including the ability to create and edit cards on ANY device (using any web browser), Sharing cards online to colleagues, more text editing options, support for tables, and our new 'pivot' grid to organize cards.  The reason to start using NoteDex now is that we use different data structures. We have enabled for existing Index Cards users to be able to view their index cards in NoteDex, but it is not possible to edit them. So it is best to start using NoteDex immediately just for your own convenience.

If you have bought Index Cards already - thank you! And as an additional thank you when you login to NoteDex (use the same login that you use on the Windows app) - you can get a 50% discount on the app.   

Please explore the NoteDex app and thank you for your support!