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Use Both Sides of your Brain!

Many of us are trying to be innovative with one half of our brain offline.

Picture the scene — you grab a pen and your favorite notebook and start sketching out that great new idea. Ideas keep flowing as you pen your thoughts by sketching out your ideas that seem to pop up out of nowhere!

Then you change settings and continue to work on your computer — writing down your ideas using the keyboard, but you don’t feel as creative. Sure, you can type away and build out some of the ideas you had before, but now you feel more detailed, mechanical, and less creative.

What is going on here? The answer lies at the heart of fostering creativity — the ability to use the right brain and the critical hand-brain connection facilitated by using a pen- the reason why 99% of the computer software you use is doing nothing to help you be creative.

As you can see in this picture, the differences between the left and right sides of brain thinking are directly relevant to idea generation.
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Managing Multiple Projects Successfully

The world is everchanging, and many of us are easing back into "normal" life after over a year of uncertainty. But some things don’t change - it is nearly impossible to manage all of your thoughts and ideas without writing them down in one place. How do we get back into the groove of handling our time and multiple projects? NoteDex is a fantastic tool that can help boost your productivity and organization. In this article, we will discuss how to manage projects efficiently using NoteDex.

To start, you may create a stack for each project, which will hold all notes, to-dos, and ideas related to that project. You can identify your projects quickly by personalizing the title and thumbnail of your stacks – we find an image logo or picture that helps you organize visually. NoteDex has a very information-dense and quick interface, which is ideal for anyone managing projects. One of the many helpful features of NoteDex is that the cards display in order, so when you come back to them, you can pick up right where you left off. Below are three tips that we believe can help you manage your projects more efficiently and effectively.

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How to Ace your Studies with Handwritten Digital Flash Cards: OneNote + NoteDex Index Cards App + a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Android Tablet

Welcome back to school. How are you going to make the most of your new shiny Samsung Galaxy Tablet device and study the best you can? Put down that game controller! :)

This article is focused on students that are adopting ‘digital’ technologies, and I will provide a simple three step path for successful studying. If you are reading this, you have already chosen what is perhaps the most capable and useful device for studying — the Samsung Galaxy S7+ tablet with S-Pen. It might be that you have this, or a similar tablet - or something newer! Hopefully you got the digital pen with it.

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